Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doritos and Sandy Toes

Happy 4th.
Met friends in Ocho Rios.
Picnic on the beach.
Boloney sandwiches, Pepsi, and American Doritos.
Laughter and good friends.
 (Yours Truly and my fellow missionary, Christa, 
from the other side of the mountain.)

 (Princess Eden and her friend, Princess Bella)

Prince found a resort that was shooting off fireworks in honor of America's Independence Day.  We were so thrilled and stayed up late to watch the "bombs bursting in air" over the Caribbean Sea.

Thank you, Lord.


Chris and Carole said...

Beautiful, just Beautiful!!!

Jessi said...

You actually got to see fireworks in a foreign country on the fourth of July? Wow! That's a blessing!

Mendi... said...

Sounds like an awesome 4th of July for you in Jamaica!!:o) Glad it was a great day!

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