Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Cleansing Wave

The Cleansing Wave 
Hymn by Phoebe Palmer 1871
1) Oh! now I see the crimson wave. The fountain deep and wide;
Jesus, my Lord, mighty to save, Points to His wounded side.

Refrain: The cleansing stream, I see, I see! 
I plunge, and oh, it cleanseth me!
Oh! praise the Lord, it cleanseth me. It cleanseth me, yes, cleanseth me.

2) I see the new creation rise, I hear the speaking blood;
It speaks! polluted nature dies! Sink 'neath the cleansing flood.


3)I rise to walk in heav'n's own light Above the world and sin.
With heart made pure, and garments white, And Christ enthroned within.

(picture taken outside Port Maria, Jamaica)

There's just something {tingly-in-your-tummy} exciting how an old hymn can speak words so clearly applicable to your life today.  Isn't that amazing?


Rachel said...

Love this song! And stirs me to hear the good, old hymns.

TerriSue said...

i have never heard this hymn. it is so beautiful. my husband and i went to a new church this last sunday. we are in our 50's and after 17 years of contemporary services we were longing for a traditional service with hymns. it was like cool water on parched soil to this soul. the church also has two contemporary services, so they are trying to reach out and meet everyones needs. the community was very open and they have a lot going on. we had two other churches we were going to look at, but i'm not sure we will now. we have been praying about it. now i am going to go look through my multitude of hymnals to see if i can find your hymn so that i will know the tune. thank you so much.

Jessi said...

I love that song! It's one of my favorites.

Unknown said...


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