Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holding a Cracked Bucket

what have we been doing the last few days?
Well....fasten your seat belts 'cause I'm gonna fire it all off quickly!

Sunday was busy and hot
(my sis, Monica, teaching my Sunday School class)
since then...
        lots of girl talk
late night movies
teaching how to "process" 11 chickens from the coop to the cooker....
               with NO running water
playing on the beach
homemade brownies with cream cheese (hidden from the kids) {shhhh}
jumping of a cliff
make-up tips
snorkeling in the Caribbean
(actual menu from the place we ate lunch...
wanna know what curry conch is?
                      Cow foot and beans anyone?)
eating chicken and rice and peas under an almond tree {yum}
serious boy talk
riding a jet sky on the Caribbean for the first time
sharing clothes
climbing a waterfall
driving over the mountain to the capitol city to visit some
              dear missionary friends
visiting Port Royal
riding a boat out to a small Island

 (Princess Moriah holding a puffer fish)
(missionary son, Tommy, and Eden being goofy)
catching 2 starfish and holding them in a cracked bucket
                         all the way back over the mountain
seriously saw the biggest lizard....ever
(Princess Alexis and one of our newest pets...2 red starfish)
AND....dreading the thought of my baby sister leaving.
               {sniff, sniff}

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