Thursday, August 11, 2011

T' Time {#20}

This week's Take the Time to Challenge is.....
         do something special 
            to romance their daddy.
Don't click me off!  If you're anything like're sitting at the pulled back in a messy bun, barefoot, make-up long ago sweated off, half asleep, smelling like mosquito repellent. {grimace}

Do something just a little special today and make that tiny bit of effort to romance your honey.  Nothing makes your children feel more secure then to see mommy and daddy happy and "in love".
Go know what makes him smile.
Squeeze his muscles as you walk by, wink at him, purpose to make his favorite cake, or even just get up right now and go spray a little {sweet} perfume on yourself.   I can hear my Grandma joking about just putting a little cooking vanilla behind your ear.
Have a lovely day,


Jeanie said...

This is a great one! It's so true. We want to give our kids everything we can, but we must focus on our relationship with our husbands first. By the way, according to my grandma, the little bit of vanilla was a real practice especially with farm women - - and as I think about it, probably an excellent idea!

Jessica said...

These pictures are amazing, and you look so beautiful!

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