Monday, August 15, 2011

One of my sisters took this picture of our dad's 
army boots surrounded by high heels.  
Poor dad {wink} surrounded by four very girly daughters.

Please take a minute today and say a prayer for an army wife you know.  

America is still at war, it affects us all.  We all know someone or are related to someone serving our Country.  I'm so very thankful for the sacrifices made to keep America free.

Just today we heard about a guy we went to college with, stationed in Afghan country his humvee was hit by an explosive.  His back was broken and he has a concussion.  He is being taken to Germany.  

Please pray for Brandon.
Please pray for his wife back home.
Please pray for his mom and dad and sisters.
Please pray for our soldiers and their families.

Please pray.


Kimmay said...

i will be praying for him!
two of my cousins (brothers) are in the Army.

Jessi said...

What is his last name? BJ and I can't think who that is. Maybe he was there before we got there?

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