Thursday, August 18, 2011

T' Time {#22}

I'm super excited to introduce my T' Time guest Jolene.

She is such an inspiration to me in many ways.  
Jolene and her husband are missionaries in the Ukraine.  
She blogs over at With Love from Ukraine.
With Love from Ukraine...
You can read about their missionary work there.  
She is such an encouragement and an example to many ladies.  Inspiring us to be a better Christian, wife, and mama.  

She probably doesn't remember when we first met.  I was all alone, checking out the college campus.  Terrified just doesn't do it justice.  Jolene was genuinely friendly to me.  She talked with me and let me sit by her on the bus ride to school.  She even {proudly} pointed out her future husband, who was walking across the parking lot when we pulled up.  Thank you....a few years later....for your kindness, Jolene.
God has blessed them with 3 little princes and one {adorable}princess.
Doesn't she look like a little Jolene?
Take the Time to Challenge #22 is...
      Write love letters 
        to your children!

"There is something special about fingering the pages of a letter written especially for you… and all the more when it is dated and serves as a reminder of what you were like as a child or how your Mommy felt about you on a particular day.
This is something that far surpasses a blog or digital albums saved onto our computers.  A book of love letters is tangible, something a child can hold to their chest and know that their mother labored over.  This is passion… a book of dreams, funny stories, verses claimed for that child’s life, spiritual mountains climbed, and memories cherished.  This is a “secret journal,” too personal to share with the world.
Dear mother, do not let this world of technology let you forget the simple pleasures of the past… the beauty of a paper and a pen.  Get yourself a pretty notebook, and start writing to your children.  No matter what their age, it is not too late to start.  Even if your child is 17 years old and will be leaving home in just one year… you still have a whole year worth of time to fill pages!  So, start remembering and start recording.  Each day that passes our memories become a bit more fuzzy.  Your memories of your child will never be as fresh as they are today.  If you have more than one child, you have more than one reason to record your thoughts and memories of each one… to separate each child from their siblings and show your love to each one on an individual basis.
Your entries can be long or they can be as short as one line that says, “I just want you to know I love you today.”  They do not need to be written every day.  In fact, 6 months can pass between entries, or just a couple of days.  The important thing is that you write.  Your goal is to fill that book by the time they leave your home, so that they can go away with pages to finger, words to read, and memories to cherish as they step out into “adult-hood” to start their own life’s journey.
So write, dear Mother!  Write, write, write!"

I love this idea.  Thank you so very much, Jolene. 

p.s. the party from T' Time Tuesday is still open.  Be sure to check out the many great ideas!


Jessica Curtis said...

Absolutely love this...needed a reminder. I started a journal for my babies, but it's been about 6 months since my last entry. I did it because I have a letter my mom wrote to me when I was just a toddler and it is SO precious to me. I still enjoy reading it. :)

Heather ♥ {Missionary Mama} said...

Awesome idea! DEFINITELY going to start doing this! :))

Jessi said...

Wow! I love this idea. I've been keeping a journal for my kids to read someday for about 15 years, but I never thought about making it personal for each one of them. I think my journal will split two ways now. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Mona said...

I love her idea. Wish I would have started when someone else said to 14 years ago. Went and bought books and started writing today!! She's an awesome sister-in-law!!

Jessica said...

Wonderful, wonderful idea. I'm off to start a journal!!!! THANK-YOU, Jolene!

Tori said...

This is such a great idea. I wish I had done it for my children when they were small. I did keep a baby book till they were in school but this is such a great idea.
I love to read about Jolene's life in Ukraine! Thanks for posting this!

Jolene said...

Thanks, Maria, for inviting me to write a post for your blog! You were a great host, my friend! {wink}


López Family said...

Wow. Such an inspiring idea! Thank you for sharing, Jolene and Maria!

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