Sunday, September 25, 2011

just deal, Sister

Let me just's a 2 pots of coffee day.

The first "ugh" came when the princesses and I just finished carrying {and dragging, if you're 3 years old} 23 metal chairs out in the schoolyard for our kid's Sunday School class.  Alexis said, "Mommy, I just felt a raindrop."  I looked up at the wispy clouds above us and said, "no, you didn't."  A second later she said, "I just did again, mom."

Then I did....and again I did.  We quickly scrambled and re-moved all the chairs up under the sidewalk awning.  We had a lonnnng skinny Sunday School room today.  Sometimes you just got to deal, sister.

During our class I noticed one of my "always has to have a talk after class with Pastor 'cause he's naughty" boys.  Strangely he was being really good.  Sitting in his chair, not pestering anyone.  Humm.  Then I realized that he had a really yucky cough now and then, which he shared with the class.  By Service time he'd grown warm, sleepy, and continued with the rugged cough.  Poor little guy.  His sister tried to hold him when he feel asleep, but he was to big for her.  So Pastor's wife ended up with him sleeping in her arms, along with his rag to cough into.  Just deal, sister.

A little girl was holding and snuggling Princess Brynlee.  She never lacks for attention.  Always being passed from arm to arm.  One of the ladies came and said, "Take your baby from her, that girl's brother is sick."  I quickly took up my baby, then found the little boy who was sick.  He was covered in tiny little rash dots.  It didn't show up on his dark skin unless you looked for it.  Help me, Lord to deal with it.

During the preaching, my mind was drifting.  (I'm only human, sometimes my mind chases rabbits.)  I was getting frustrated with the amount of parents that just send their kids to church because they know it's good for them to be there, but they don't want to make the effort to come themselves.  Or the parents that are just looking for a free babysitter.

I looked down at the little girl sitting beside me.  I've never even talked to her mommy, she's always working, but she makes sure her kids are ready every Sunday morning.  Months ago, I had gave the girl and her brother one of the little colored New Testaments.  The little girl was flipping through the pages and I saw something in the back of the Bible that caught my attention.  I asked her for her Bible and turned to the back page.  There was the Romans Road clearly printed and a space for you to write your name if you accepted Christ and put your faith in Him.  The little girl's mom had wrote her own name in that spot and wrote the date in May of this year.

Thank you, Lord.

count your blessing
#4 toast and nutella
#5 internet
#6 fresh fruit juice


Unknown said...

So can relate! HUGS

Mama Musings said...

I pray you all stay healthy, and that is such a blessing about the girl's mother.
The silver lining to your otherwise, cloudy day. :)

Lissa said...

What a great post, Maria! Sometimes ya just gotta put your big girl panties on and deal!
The last part gave me goose bumps, btw. What a blessing!!!

Addy said...

Such a touching story! I will definitely share with my Bible class!

A Country Mix said...

That's so wonderful about that mother! I'll be praying you all stay healthy.
Love, Hannah

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