Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Days....good ol' golden rule days

Another year of school starts.
I'm excited about the organizing and schedules.  
I'm sad because my little girls are growing older. {tiny moan}
I'm excited to watch them learn new things and challenge their little spongy minds. 
There are more challenges this year.
Princess Brynlee is Busy (with a capitol B).  She is becoming very familiar with her play pen...Praise the Lord for one of those!  She climbs everything and sashays all over the house at amazing speed.  Princess Moriah has more subjects then last year, so it takes us longer for actual "sit down at a table" time.  I have to get the hang of balancing housework, grade school, preschool, and daycare...and keeping my Prince happy.
Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to give my daughters a good education.


Jessica said...

These are so adorable!! Hope you have a wonderful school year!

Rachel said...

I just LOVE the pictures of your girls. So creative! I have tucked these ideas away in my head for next year. Let's just hope I can still find them then =)
Happy Schooling!

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