Tuesday, September 20, 2011

T' Time {#31} and Link Up...possibly

Doing the link up party has been kinda a headache today.  If I can't figure it out...I'm throwing it out the window!  So here we go.  There will be no features today from last weeks party...sorry.  Drama.

Without further adieu here is the Take the Time to Challenge #31....
       take a break!

Today has not been perfect.  The kids have been human.  My usual "wiggle my nose and the dishes get done" trick didn't work.  Imagine that?  I'll spare you the sob story.  So today {whisper} quick, while no ones's watching...go hide in the closet and eat a candy bar!  I'm eating some Cadbury mini eggs left over from easter and smuggled onto the Island but someone who loves me!  My mom's favorite trick was lay on the floor on the other side of her bed!  Be all by yourself....just for a few.  You deserve it.

Now let's party!

Now let's all play by the rules!
1. Links must be very kid friendly (example: things that Grandma would approve of {smile})  Really, if it's something that you can do with a child or your family then it would be just peachy...share it with us.  A craft, a post about a day spent with your kids...you get the picture?
2. Pretty please be a follower of Raising4Princesses and if you use the button to link back I'd be just tickled pink.

3. Here's the rule you're seeing everywhere.....{5th grade teacher voice} "visit other links and tell them how "genius they are!"   


Dana said...

I can totally picture you (or maybe me) being in the closet or behind the bed for a couple minutes of time alone. Praying for you! Homeschooling shakes up our lives when we first start as well.

Heather said...

Thanks so much for the invite to your party and for the sweet comment about my Vera pendants. I really appreciate the opportunity to join in with everyone! :)

Creating Sarah said...

I had the same kind of day today! Chocolate is definitely in order! Enjoy yours and may you have a better day tomorrow!

(P.S. I love the idea of hiding on the floor beside the bed. That's hilarious!)

andie jaye said...

how did i not realize that you had a link party, honey?! i've added you to my directory... i'll be there tuesday with bells on :)

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