Thursday, September 1, 2011

T' Time {#26}

It's time for another Take the Time to Challenge!
I have a cute guest today to introduce to you.... 
               meet Rachel!  
Another one of those awesome girls I went to college with.  
Rachel always had a great testimony 
and was a role model to the girls around her.  
I personally always thought she was pretty awesome 
'cause she was one of the {rare} girls tall as me!  
I LOVE having tall friends!  
I'm so honored that she'd share one of her bright ideas with us today.
"I'm a home school mother of three with another little one on the way. I love being a mom and wife to my awesome husband. I love to shop, enjoy playing the piano and singing and look forward to being an army chaplains wife in the field God has called us to. I love food that begins with "ch"---chicken, cheese, chocolate, just not all together in one dish!
T' Time Challenge # 26 is....
   Making a "kid friendly" nightstand
                           or just a cute place to store hair things, coloring books, school supplies etc. 

You will need a three drawer plastic storage container, heavy cardboard, cute fabric, scissors, hot glue and any embellishments. (flowers, buttons etc.) Cut cardboard to fit snugly and slide down into the groves of the front of the drawer. 

Once sized, cover with desired fabric (that your kids helped you pick out) and hot glue to the back. Glue on embellishments and slide into front plastic drawers.

You can also cover the sides of the drawers if you want and completely conceal what is inside (you will have to glue these in place). Covering the sides does reduce the storage space slightly. 
Cut another piece of cardboard in the shape of the top of the container to "fill in" the top or a piece to completely cover the top allowing an even surface for sitting knick knacks or lamps. Cover with a contrasting fabric if desired.
This is an inexpensive, but cute storage option, and you don't have to worry about the kids writing on it with crayons or markers, because it wipes clean!"

This is a great idea.  I think it's so important for kids to have a special little space to keep their treasures in.  And you can personalize this so much.  Thanks, Rachel!

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The T' Time Link Party is still open this week!  
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Rachel said...

Great Idea! Love it!

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