Thursday, September 8, 2011

T' Time {#28}

My Take the Time To Challenge Guest today is one of my sweet sister-in-laws.  I'd love you to meet... Christine.  She is a sweet southern girl born and raised in Louisiana and mama to my cutie-pie niece and nephew.

I haven't had the privilege to hold sweet little Emilia yet...
something about an ocean between us.  
But I'm in love with her just the same!

"Hi everyone, my name is Christine Wesley and I am Maria’s sister- in-law, in case the last name didn’t give me away.  Please, let me start off by saying how honored I am to present my idea to all you lovely ladies that read Maria’s blog. I love reading all of her, and your, past T’ Time challenges and find them inspiring and heartwarming.   I am a mother of 2 beautiful children Philip age 2 and Emilia age 2 months, and I before I was blessed with them I was a high school math teacher.  
My T’ Time challenge is ....
        Turn on the Water!
 For me, water long ago lost its child like fun and was replaced with chore water. What is that?  
You all know… mop water, dishwater, or toilet water.  
The fabulous three ways I get to use water in my day. Oh and don’t forget bath water, when there is time for it (I love a good bath but that doesn’t happen often now a days.) 

However, both of my children are huge water bugs and LOVE being in, playing in, or doing anything that involves water. Emilia loves an extra bath during the day. It always seems to calm her down when she is inconsolable. 
Philip can’t get enough of the wet stuff. He likes everything from simply turning on the water hose to going swimming at the pool.  
Also, as a mom there is nothing better than seeing your child squeal with delight as they splash around in a puddle or splash you with a puddle… So, turn on the water! 
Whatever shape or form and sit back and enjoy their happiness with something so simple. "

Thanks, sis!  Bring on the water, everyone!
Don't forget the Tuesday T' Time link up party still open, jump over and check out the darling ideas being shared!

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