Sunday, September 11, 2011

with a special love note from Pastor

Papa and Memaw Wesley are visiting here  {yippee!}
Prince's parents flew in on Friday to spoil the grand babies.
I'm just gushing with thankfulness at suitcases 
overflowing with such treasures that were packed specially for me {!!!}
Lindt chocolate Truffles, little tins of International Coffee flavors, Double Stuffed Oreos 
and Reeses Eggs (from Easter)
I seriously feel loved by my m-i-l, sis-in-laws, and my friend Hannah.
Your sacrifice to be a blessing to me is so very humbling.  

want a little peek at our church in Spot Valley?
we're having so much fun
elbow deep in serving the Lord

Saturday, Memaw watched the princesses.
I went to the valley with Prince and his dad.
We made some visits to some of our members and then walked several roads
talking with people and passing out information on our church.

I haven't walked the roads for a few weeks because the heat has been very harsh.
When you are walking up and down the hills in the bright sun 
with a baby on your hip (and dragging a few more behind you) it takes it out of you!
August is supposed to be our hottest month. {wipe glistening brow}
I'm waiting for the Island to figure out it's September now.

Some don't think about it but mamas need a break sometimes.
So "sometimes" the best gift you can give that mama is to love on her babies 
so she can have a minute to herself!

Thank you, Memaw.

On with the Church....  
Last Week was "Back to School" Sunday
I made kettle corn all in bright colors
gave all the kids a box of crayons
with a special {love} note from Pastor and Mrs. Wesley taped on the front.

"Fellowship Sunday" today!
we had our people bring in sides and juice.
Prince's parents wanted to do something special for the Church 
they bought 2 big pans of fried chicken.
I had 23 busy little kids in my class today...yes, I had my hands full!
Princess Brynlee (though she came home to Jamaica at 2 months,)
she has fallen in love with her Papa Tot....and the feeling in mutual.


Jessica said...

Awww, having visitors and goodies is just wonderful! Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Precious! Glad you have family visiting! Saw them just a few weeks ago when they were in Houston...

Jessi said...

So glad you have your family visiting right now. I am sure your mother-in-law is loving having time with your girls. She talked about them and you all the time when we were at Central.

I'm going to try that kettle corn recipe!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're getting to spend some time with family... thank you for using your gifts to bring glory to the Lord!

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