Friday, October 7, 2011

Great-great-granddaddy in the yard

which picture to show first?
ok, here is a "missionary moment" picture.
it went a little like this....

"mom! I found a slug on the hallway wall!"
"I'm coming!"
"What we gonna do, mom?"
hummmm...{matter-of-fact-voice}"get the camera."

the ooey, gooey, grossest thing about this big slimy slug?
It was not just in a doorway, or around a window sill
no, this feller was in the hallway in the middle of the house....he'd been in the the house a long time!
truthfully, though, they move a lot faster then people think
This is really nothing though, I saw his great-great-granddaddy outside in the yard earlier today!
He was on a bucket lid I picked up!
I'm surprised you didn't hear my scream.
We also took a family picture yesterday.  Getting a decent family picture is harder then pullin' teeth!  Nobody looks in the same direction, someone is "touching me", or the dog thinks he has to be in the middle of it.
One of our {favorite} supporting churches needed a picture update, so this was just for them.  Oh, what was that?  You're not supposed to have favorites?  Well, we do.  Sorry.  One thing this church does is remember missionary kids.  It always sends our kids money "just for them" on their birthdays!  I think that is so thoughtful!  They are so great about staying in contact also.  I feel very close to them because several of the ladies email or send mail regularly.  That means a lot.

So, you know who you are...thank you for being you.

count your blessings
#22 a stain in a favorite outfit coming out
#23 a special wink from my husband
#24 a curling iron


Unknown said...

Hahahaha....yucky slugs! Hate 'em with a passion!

I love the family picture!

Jessica Curtis said...

The family picture came out beautiful! And GROSS, I DO NOT LIKE THE SLUG!

Mona said...

I love how your photo turned out. I also so enjoy reading your blog. We, too are missionaries and always enjoy "seeing" how life is for other missionaries. Thank you! Mona

Lissa said...

You have a beautiful family! I just found out that my church supports you guys as well. I love the idea of spending something special to the kids and am going to work on trying to get that implemented at our church as well. :o)

MomLady said...

Beautiful family indeed!! You are a dear friend! :)

Nina in Portugal said...

We have our favorites too! (shhhhhhhh!)

Beautiful family!

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