Friday, October 7, 2011

little hair bows have big ears

regular day
we were all sitting around the house... in the heat
school books....laundry.....dirty the heat
mama leans over to daddy and whispers,
"maybe we should go to the beach and fly the kite."
have you ever noticed how little hair bows have big ears?
the princesses started buzzing around all excited
school books neatly stacked...dishes forgotten....flip flops found
a few minutes later
we were loaded in the van on the way to the beach.
much needed sunshine and the sound of the surf
the sun was it's usual over-exuberant self
and can you believe nobody could find their sunglasses but Mommy?
So mommy had to share....hense the pictue with only half of their faces showing.
we've really been looking forward to flying the kite for a LONG time!
we shipped the big kite down here in February
only to find out there was no kite string in the box like advertised
so we waited for Memaw to bring some down a few weeks ago
worth the wait
wonderful day
yes, that's sand on her lips...she likes it {mom looks away embarassed}
thank you,  Lord.

count your blessings
#25 sunscreen in a spray can...someone out there is a genius
#26 spelling tests with a 100% wrote on them
#27 a few minutes to curl up with a good book


Jessica said...

I love these pictures....such fun!

andie jaye said...

these pictures are AH-MAZE-ING!!!! what a gorgeous place you are blessed to live. and those kite pictures are unbelievable. you have such a talent for catching some beautiful shots!


mary said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!!!

Nina in Portugal said...

Beautiful post...beautiful had the beach all to yourselves!

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