Wednesday, October 12, 2011

in honor of the rainbow

overheard from the bathroom
as I was walking down the hallway this morning:
"that's mom's razor" 
{whisper} "she uses it to shave her mustache"

we've had a light rain shower nearly everyday for weeks now
I love it.
I'll say it again, I love it.
The cool refreshing breeze (even if it's only during the rain) is so pleasant

The rainy season last year, was just traumatic for me.
Learning how to time when to hang the clothes on the line
and watch for the sudden rain showers
topped with the ever breaking clothes lines dropping my fresh laundry in the {mud} puddles

Let's just say, this year has been a world different.
One thing, we've all really enjoyed is looking for all the rainbows.
You wouldn't believe how many we see all the time.
Big, bright, and strong
even several double rainbows.
I don't always have my camera to capture them, but their beautiful fills me with awe.
the prettiest one was Sunday night on the way to church.
as we drove on the road, a few feet from the crashing sea shore,
we could see the end of the rainbow
splashing down into the Caribbean Sea
truly stunning

in honor of all these Rainbows,
 I decided to leave the school books on the shelf today
 we worked in our Cool Facts Journal
(this is a notebook that the princesses record true fun facts and paste pictures of things we learn)
 lift up the little flap that asks "How do Rainbows Happen?"
 {what} + {what} = {what}?????
rainbow day wasn't complete without a craft
this tiny little craft is adorable and really quick and easy.
cut your rainbow colored strips and staple the end
pinch them together one on one leaving a space in the center of the bow
cut off end and staple
the princesses decided that these little guys can even "walk"...pretty funny

we also made Rainbow cupcakes
this next picture is proof
I'm not a great seamstress
I'm not a great cook
I'm not a great housekeeper
but we do have a lot of fun!
I keep seeing all these adorable little cakes (cooked in jars) all over blogland.
Maybe next time, I'll.....add.....a....little...less.....batter.
Honestly, I was just as mesmerized as my kids 
when the cool rainbow colors started flowing over like a volcano!
Truthfully, I think it's kinda pretty.
Wanna know what we did?
We let them cool. 
 Slathered them with frosting and grabbed a bunch of spoons!

Being a mom is zoo much fun,


The Dryden Family said...

Hello Neighbor, Enjoyed your post. I often say that I've never seen rainbows as beautiful as the ones I've seen here in Haiti. Must be a Caribbean thing!!

andie jaye said...

i know what you mean. i always smile when i see a rainbow because it makes me think of God's promise. i love those fact journals. pinning that!

♥ Amy ♥ said...

Amazingly disgusting looking, yet beautiful cupcakes, lol. Your creativity amazes me.
I would LOVE to see a Caribbean rainbow. Right into the ocean must have been incredible.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Love the notebooks, crafts, cupcakes (with sprinkles!!) and experimental cakes! Lol. Sounds like a fun day. I'm tooo boring ! Lol

Nina in Portugal said...

I, too have had to learn how to deal with rain/hanging clothes to's very tricky!

I LOVE your rainbow cupcakes....I may make some for my 2nd daughters birthday party next weekend.

Happy weekend,

Jessica said...

Oh I LOVE rainbows!!!!! Loved the pretty colors in this post!

Not Hip Enough To Blog said...

Those cupcakes are to die for!!

Ruthie Hart said...

I love your cakes in a jar! they look so fun! I bet the girls loved them!

Jen said...

Recently,My family was having a rough time getting out the door to go to our church for an evening out with other families. On our way there, we saw a beautiful double rainbow- what a gift! It was just what we needed to remind us that God was with us.

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