Friday, October 28, 2011

little storm clouds

 bright eyed lizards merrily chirping
the day is almost done
an usually cool breeze pushes away the little storm clouds
the bushes shake off the lingering rain drops
little princesses giggle in the yard
the joy of sweet clean air heavy with the salty smell of the sea
the joy of childhood

I've shed a few tears last night and this morning for some sweet missionary friends.  
If you want to know more visit Jessica at From the Heart of Mrs. Missionary and 

count your blessing
#46 safety pins
#47 sewing and the machine just keeps on ticking
#48 a phone call from grandma


Lissa said...

Precious pictures of the girls!

I read both of their blogs recently and have been praying for them the last few days. I know the uncertainty for them has to be so scary, but I know they are trusting God to work it all out. "As for God, His way is perfect." Psalms 18:30

Jolene said...

Thanks again, Maria, for your prayers... and thank you for mentioning it on your blog as well. I know Jessica would agree with me that we want LOTS of people praying for us!

Love ya, sweet friend!

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