Thursday, October 27, 2011

T' Time {#41}

Time slips by fast.  Where do all the moments go?
It's time again for the Take the Time to Challenge guest!

This guest and I were friends in college and now she attends church where my baby sister does.
She's got herself a soldier boy husband  (currently deployed) and two precious little princesses.  She has a huge heart and a lot of spunk.  I have a lot of respect for military wives.  Truly some unsung heroes.


(This picture gives me goosebumps.
This was the last picture they took as a family before the Daddy was deployed.
He hasn't met his 2nd baby girl yet.)

"Some random facts about me!  I'm not a very good cook, but I love cooking!  Trying a new recipe excited me.  2. I play the accordion.  3. Independence Day was my favorite holiday before I ever met my husband, but it means a lot more to me now that he is deployed to Afghanistan.  4. I don't know how to do a cartwheel!!!  5. Lover boy and I will be married 4 years this December.

I am mom to princesses Charlie Ann and Laikin Annette, and wife to James (Jimbo).  We make our home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

My T' Time Challenge is....
       a homemade purse!

Obviously I don't know much in the boy arena.  So this is for the princesses!
Start with a piece of thick fabric that's 6 inches wide and 12 inches long (we used an old burp rag!)  Fold into thirds, as if you're folding a letter.  
Flip top flap up, leaving a 6-inch-wide pouch.  Staple or hot glue the sides of the purse, half an inch in from the sides.  
If you use staples, make sure they are in a straight line and close to each other.  Trim the top flap into a wide half circle.  
Glue on some pretty ribbon or rick rack along the edges.  Sew a button on the top of the pouch.  Cut a vertical slit in the top flap to create a button hole.  Add a surprise heart inside!!"

This ones for the girls!  My princesses love accessories especially ones they make and decorate themselves.  Very fun.  Thanks, girl!

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kim said...

i would like to thank your husband for serving in the Military! :)

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