Monday, October 17, 2011

with your fingertips

boy, have things been busy around here lately?

Saturday.  What happened Saturday?  I vaguely remember it starting something like this, a manly voice was saying, "Maria, hold this heavy windshield with your fingertips while I pry and push from the other side....don't let it fall on the concrete!"

No joke.  How do I get myself into these kind of things?

We have the joy of living so {very} close to the salty Caribbean Sea.  And because of that joy, we also have to deal with the unbelievable rust that quickly eats away at everything.  Prince has found that it is necessary to sand the rust spots out of our van and repaint it almost every 6 months.  It is really a big job.  He removes all the windows and "hardware"....intricately tapes the rest....and mixes up the paint like a mad scientist.  The chemicals smells seeping in my windows gave us {dainty} women headaches and mild sore throats....that can't be healthy! {swoon....cross eyes}  The flash rain showers made it....shall we say....interesting.

I'm so blessed with a husband that can literally do anything.  Just to clarify, I can't stand it when women go on and on {yackety, yackety, yack} about how wonderful and perfect their big strong man is.  {roll eyes} But, if the shoe fits wear it!  Isn't that right, Cinderella?   Prince pretty amazing.  Just saying.

Sunday was a great blessing.  We have some sweet American friends who regularly take missions trips to Jamaica, mainly working in the schools.  They are a huge blessing to everyone they meet.  Giving out random gifts of kindness to so many and telling a clear plan of salvation to nearly everyone they meet.   This is the third time we've been able to get with them and the second time they've been to our church.  They spoil our girls like grandparents and our children love them and call them Grandma Peggy and Pop Pop.  Pop Pop got his name because he is amazing at making balloon shapes, and Jamaicans of all ages LOVE balloons.  I feel really bad about forgetting my camera that day.

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