Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cricket match on the Big Screen

Tuesday, we went across the Island to get groceries and visit some friends.  My sweet friend, Christa watched all my girls plus her 2 kiddos so Prince and I could go buy groceries {all alone} and eat at a restaurant {childless}!  It was soooo nice of her.  There is a T.G.I. Friday's in Kingston and though we don't really care to eat there in the States, both of us were really craving "American atmosphere".  We both ordered cheeseburgers and french fries!  Can't get much more American then that.

Funny, after you don't go out to eat (except in places were the chicken is handed to you on a piece of tin foil) you notice every small detail.  I enjoyed the coordinating plates, the fancy vintage glass globe lamp hanging above our table, the little piece of checkered paper holding the silverware {!!!}, even the eclectic American memorabilia nailed all over the walls.  The cricket match playing on the big screens was the only giveaway.

The capitol city also has a store very similar to a "Sam's Club".  Compared to the little groceries store around our home, we save money driving over every 4 to 6 weeks and stocking up there.  We also buy most of our meats there (except the chickens we raise) and we put all the cold stuff in coolers for the 3 hour trip back over the mountain.  I slowly browsed the aisles enjoying the a/c.  Prince and I even strolled down the Christmas aisle were they had lit up Christmas trees and various decorations on display.
(see Brynlee peeking over the edge of the table on the left side of the photo?)
When we got back to Christa's house, the princesses were having fun playing with their friends.  Alexis's birthday is on Thursday and Grandma Paula had sent her a special bag of birthday plates, napkins, cups, party hats, blowers, and candles.  We took these with us, so the kids could all sing "Happy Birthday" to Alexis.

It's a big deal turning 6, ya know!  I've been reminded over and over the last few weeks.
(goofy face)

count your blessings
#55 excitement in all the children's eyes over a birthday party
#56 the feeling of how easy it is to talk to a true friend
#57 how proud I feel walking beside my handsome husband


Anonymous said...

Do y'all have a PriceSmart? We have them here and we love to make a day of it and get our meat, cheese, etc. there. We also take coolers for our groceries as it is about a two hour trip for us.
Looks like the cake and friends were a lot of fun:)
Have a FANTASTIC day!
Ruth Hanson

Beth said...

Ahhh . . . cricket - my husband's favourite sport. I don't get it!

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