Friday, December 30, 2011

hide the ripple

"Look, mom, he's so 'tute."

An {eager} little face leans close to mine and shows me the baby lizard....
{clear throat}as she leans over my bed.
  To her credit, I do think he's kinda cute.
  Trying to "hide the ripple" that goes through your body when the first thing you see in the morning is lizard eyeballs.

The day has begun in the life of a missionary wife.
"freshin" up the baby
fix steaming bowls of oatmeal with dark brown sugar
start the laundry, (Thank You, Lord, for my machine!)
pour my coffee
feed the baby her oatmeal and {fresh from the tree} banana
(so teeny tiny, but so perfect in detail)

sip on my forgotten and now lukewarm coffee {shrug}
duck into my bedroom to hide from the children so I can read my Bible
hang a big load of clothes on the line
arrange the poles holding the lines up to catch the most sunshine
smile at the two big bunches of bananas growing in my own little banana "plantation"
move my 3 week old baby chickens into the bigger coop
water my rose and hibiscus bushes
frown at the dark clouds peeking over the mountain
remember my coffee sitting on the kitchen counter
prepare for spelling tests
consider making my bed
decide instead to pile on it with my little princesses and read story books
"watch out, chickie baby, Drago has his eye on you!" 

Just a note: this sticky little hand with the dirt, dog hair, and lizard was taken after she'd played in the yard for a few hours....not when she greeted me in the morning!  Just want to be clear, I bath my kids....a lot!  {goofy grin}

count your blessings
#134 girls who don't scream at the sight of creepy crawlies
#135 girls who aren't afraid to get dirty
#136 girls who sit still a listen to mama read


Anonymous said...

I love seeing this little snapshot of your life. Looks like such a wonderful home your girls are blessed to grow up in! DO fresh off the tree bananas taste any different from the grocery store picked-while-green-and-trucked-long-distances variety? And I take it election day passed (at least somewhat) uneventfully?

Melissa W. said...

Thank you for sharing your morning. While it is a stark difference from mine, it sounds so delightful. I could almost picture myself there, too.

Jenifer said...

Goodness, that lizard is so tiny! His tiny size does make him cute, though when he gets bigger, I'd probably not like him anymore. ;)

Jessi said...

Maria, you are hilarious! Seth was enjoying catching flying beetles yesterday from my roses and letting them go quite close to me. He had the orneriest grin on his face. Shudder! That loud ominous buzzing gives me the creeps. My worst fear is that they will get tangled up in my hair! I screamed a few times while trimming my rose bushes. They were getting too close for comfort.

Joe, Laura, Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie said...

My boys brought a little lizard like that in yesterday. It was crawling on Danny's neck. Gilbert had to remove it from Danny's neck so that I could see it better. Thank you, Gilbert!

Jackie said...

Sounds a lot like my days in Paraguay!

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