Thursday, December 15, 2011

T' Time {#49}....from Kansas

My Take the Time to guest poster today is one of my best friends (and next door neighbor) growing up.
"Hi!  I am Christina.  I am a Missouri girl through and through...but am currently loving life in Kansas!  I am married to a gorgeous man named Zach and we have 3 super ornery children.  Ok....they are cute too (they look just like their daddy).  We've got Caleb who will be 8 in a couple weeks.  Riley Jo is 6, and Silas just turned 4 in October.
I am a lucky girl who gets to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool all 3 of them.  And in my spare time I love Photography, Music and Art.  If you were to walk in my house right would be tripping over my Ukulele (that I just got this year...and am still trying to find time to learn).  As well as my camera equipment laying all around my desk.  (I know.  I really need to get organized!)....and probably about 5...make that 6 unfinished art projects.  There are just not enough hours in the day!  {smile}

Today I thought I would share with you a craft we did last week.
  My  kids really enjoyed it...and it was super simple!
First.  Run up to Salvation Army or Goodwill and buy an old hymnal!
Tear a few pages out and let your kids cut them into strips.

* Tip of the day: Glue sticks work much better than Elmer's

Put a dab of glue on one end....and push the other end onto of the glue.
  Hold for just a second...and then loop the next strip through and repeat.
This is SO old school...I know....but I love the vintage Music paper!
   I really like it when the kids can do a craft...that I am not embarrassed to hang up!
  LOL  And this is one of them!  {smile}

The next thing I thought I would show you how to make..are Pom  Pom's!
This was a first for me...and all you need is yarn, scissors and a fork!
Then cut another long piece of yarn.  (from #3) Wrap around the fork until you reach the end.  (#4) Pull one of the short yarn ends up and over through the middle of the fork.  Now you should have both strands on one side.  
(#5-7) Now you get to choose!

You can either cut the loops on either side while on the fork...
or you can pull the yarn off....and cut the loops.
  Once all the loops are will have a pom pom!
I tied my 4" that they could either hang on the tree...or you can attach them to a ponytail holder...or make the loop small...and the kids can wear them as rings!
  Fun stuff!!!

There are so many different crafts out there for Christmas...but I hope this one is simple enough for everyone to well as for the momma's to enjoy displaying!   {smile}"

You can see more of Christina's beautiful photography HERE.
I {love} Christmas time,

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Anonymous said...

Using a fork is a great idea for getting a smaller-sized pom pom. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for sharing it!

The pictures are great... I'm sure they will be treasured from now until forever!

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