Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God still moves

(photo taken from my roof)
Do you feel Him moving?
  Do you listen for His voice?
  Watch for His guidance?
  God is there, so close.
  Just like in the heart of Queen Esther of olden days,
 God can lead you on to greatness beyond what you can imagine.
  Don't settle for "ho-hum".  God still moves.


Nicole said...

this is really so true. and encouraging. i think we all need to be reminded often. :)

and ps your girlies are gorgeous!


Lissa said...

So thankful He does!! :o)

Anonymous said...

God has been showing me this exact thought. God is still the same miracle worker as He was in the Bible. Thank you for the sweet words of truth.

Melissa W. said...

I saw this online magazine for girls called Set Apart Girl and I thought of you...

here is the link...maybe you can do use it with your girls group?

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