Wednesday, February 15, 2012

to be exact

it all started with
 "mommy, lets make something"...."something yummy"
so we made something.
funfetti cupcakes to be exact.
and someone just ate the frosting
yes.....just licked every drop of frosting off her cupcake to be exact
 and left it
left it sitting on the dining room table to be exact.
The baby got up from her nap.
Mommy turned her back for a bout a minute.
The baby had the cupcake and was sitting on the kitchen flour,
 amidst a pile of crumbs, using {someone's} toothbrush as a spoon.
And truly enjoying it to be exact.

Here's proof I don't find my lil' darlings only frosting and cake,
fresh oranges , as fresh as can be.
Right off our neighbor's tree to be exact.
good day, to be exact,
count your blessings
#193 vitamins in fresh fruit
#194 an outside water faucet
#195 a really long water hose


andie jaye said...

so precious! i love those chubby little fingers! sounds like she had a blast!

Laura Consford said...

I have a little girl who likes to eat just the frosting too! That orange looked yummy. The citrus fruits all stay green here because it doesn't get could enough to make them turn colors, but they still taste good.

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