Thursday, February 16, 2012

T' Time {#62}...Meet Melissa

It's T' Time again!  Here's my gal... meet Melissa!

"Hey y'all!  
I am Melissa a.k.a. Lissa and I blog over at My Southern-Fried Christian Life.  
Our church supports Maria and her family and I have enjoyed getting to know her thru emails and her blog over the last several months.  
She truly is a wonderful lady and a great Godly example!  
This is an honor, in deed!  I mean, how often does one get asked to guest post on their favorite blog?!  
Ok, so I guess if the "y'all" didn't give it away, then my blog name did. I live in the South...South Louisiana to be exact. 
(Not too far from where Maria's Prince is from) 
I am a Christian, a (single) Mother, a coffee addict and a thrift-a-holic.  
God has blessed me with a beautiful, energetic 9 yr old daughter (Toots), 
a handsome God-loving/serving boyfriend (D) and his handsome (like his daddy)
 and kind-hearted 10 yr old son (JD).  
The 4 of us make up an unstoppable team fueled by spicy cajun gumbo, ice cold sweet tea, a little extra powdered sugar on our beignets
 and our whole-hearted desire to serve the Lord.

With Christmas just passing, I'm sure that most of our homes now have some new-fangled electronic gadget added to it.  Technology a.k.a. the internet, computers/laptops, smart phones, video games, ect have taken over a big part of our lives.  I know that I personally wouldn't know what to do without at least 2 (ok, maybe 3) of the above-mentioned items.  The days of hand-written letters, phone books and encyclopedias are long gone it seems.  Thanks to the conveniences that these electronics provide, information is much more accessible and keeping contact with people is done much easier.
Today, I propose that we take time to...unplug!
Just recently, we "unplugged" from all things electronic and got out and enjoyed nature for a little while.  D and I took the kids, my nephew and one of Toots' friends and went exploring some trails in a wildlife preserve near his house.  I will admit that I did take 1 electronic device (my camera) with me...but everything else was left at home, I promise.  :o)
The kids enjoyed exploring around in the woods, trying to spot alligators and various "wild" animals, climbing on fallen down trees and making "walking sticks" to help them navigate around.  I think D and I most enjoyed the fresh air that filled our lungs and sounds of birds chirping us some background music while we walked.
It was a wonderful afternoon spent enjoying some of God's beautiful Creation without the ring/buzz of emails, texts and phone calls.  
Definitely something we should all do a little more often.  :o)"

LOVE this, Melissa!  Thanks so much for the reminder and encouragement to "unplug" from it all....I feel the refreshment coming already!    You are so much fun, and I love your writing style. I have the feeling if we were next door neighbors I'd be laughing all the time. {wink}  Not so sure if I'd go looking for alligator with you though, but maybe I would.  Just so I could write a post saying we did!

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Lissa said...

Thank you for having me! It was a blast! :o)

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