Monday, February 6, 2012

{Valentine} T' Kami

I have a special Valentine idea for you!  This guest is a friend who lives on an Island...just like me!

Actually, we're not really far apart.  I first "met" this lady when her teenage son sent us a letter about supporting us as missionaries.  My husband and I were humbled by this teen wanting to sacrifice to be a blessing and encouragement to us.  Since that time they've moved to the island of St. Barthelemy as missionaries.   Meet....Kami

"Hello, my name is Kami Gimenez and I'm blessed to have married my high school sweetheart, Patrick.  We have been married for 17 exciting years.  The Lord has blessed us with 5 precious kiddos with ages from 15 years to 20 months.  Baby #6 is due in April!  
 We have been serving as missionaries on the island of St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies for the past 9 months.  We are loving our life here and look forward to seeing God work in the hearts of the people of St. Barths.  I'm thrilled to be getting in on all of the blessings from being a wife, mommy, and missionary!  I love pickles, quilting, cooking, crafty things,  kisses from my sweety, chocolate, taking pictures of my precious kiddos, blogging, reading....I guess I could go on and on!  God has been so good to me!
I was so honored when Maria asked me to take part in writing a T' Time Challenge.  I've loved reading all the great tips from her and other Mothers.  Then, she asked if I would give a challenge centered around our husbands since we're so close to Valentine's Day.  I love the idea! 
So, my T' Time challenge to you is.... 
                                   Plan a Candlelight Dinner.  
You may be saying, “We just don’t have the money to go out right now, and to have to pay for a babysitter also!”  My challenge is to plan a virtually free candlelight dinner.  Here’s the plan.  Make a super easy meal for the kidddos like frozen pizza or a TV dinner.  While they are eating, work on a nice meal for just you and your man.  Don’t forget the dessert!  Once the kids are in bed, your romantic dinner begins!  Make it special by using your nicest tablecloth and linens.  Set the china if you have it!  (My husband and I have 2 gorgeous cups that are only used for date nights and special times. We always use those!)  Move the table to a different angle, or move it to a different room altogether.  This makes you feel like you’re somewhere else besides at home.  Light lots and lots of candles.  Play soft music and take your time eating and enjoying a nice dinner, just the two of you."

How romantic {sigh}. See you tomorrow!

read more about this fellow Island Girl at her blog


Lissa said...

Great idea! :o)
I have loved reading Kami's blog. Her "The Heart of the Matter" series is wonderful!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Sounds wonderful... now if I can just get my 2 year old to stay in bed (he's been yo-yo-ing since his brother took a trip to hospital at Christmas).

Susan said...

Oh, I read Kami's blog and love her sweet spirit and love for her family! She's living what she writes, and she's become one of my best online friends. She is through the same mission board as my in-laws and met them once on deputation, so I feel like I have a little bit of a bond with her too.

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