Monday, March 12, 2012

i'm not the squeamish type

frogs, frogs, frogs!
It's a very good thing I'm not the squeamish type 'cause we have frogs...and a truck load of lizards....and snails....and miscellaneous assortment of sundry creatures that crawl, hop, and wiggle.
The princesses love it.  Their mother tolerates it with a stiff upper lip and {usually} a body jiggle.

I was watering my flowers this morning and lifted one out of the pot to find a treasure load of baby frogs hiding.  Eden was ecstatic.  Brynlee was curious and enjoyed them as long as they didn't move.
  She rotated between grunting at them and screaming at them.  
There were two different types of baby frogs and a little snail in there.  

I kinda enjoy little frogs.  They are cute. 
Did I ever tell you about the one we found when we first moved to the Island?  
He was the size of a dinner plate!  NO JOKE!  I didn't just shudder I ran!
 Right after these pictures he jumped on my finger holding my camera and I screamed....
'causing much laughter from the peanut gallery.
We cleaned house this morning, racked up the giant breadfruit leaves in the back yard, and then the girls went next door to visit a neighbor lady.  They ended up helping her plant flowers and they went on a little walk together to gather bougainvillea so she could try to catch some in her yard.  I gave her one of my butter colored rose bushes that I had started in a pot and it was growing well.
The girls brought me home a beautiful bouquet to grace our dining room table. 
Lovely day,

I am guest posting over at Once a Cook Always a Mom today!
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Sugar Plums & Lollipops said...

Awww, I really love your blog. I'm a new follower and would love a follow back. You can find me at

Susan said...

Well, I AM squeamish, and our trip to Jamaica to see my husband's parents was filled with shudders! LOL The worst was the little bitty frogs that get into the tub drains, and we had to pour boiling water down to get them out. I was terrified that one of them would come up the drain while I was in there. It wouldn't have been a pretty sight . . . because I would have come out of that bathroom! When we were cooking, lizards would come in the kitchen window, and Mom just picked them up and put them back on the window sill. Blech!

Jen said...
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Jen said...
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Jen said...

Great photos! We have green tree frogs here and cane toads. The cane toads are pretty much taking over Australia. The local mayor has actually given people permission to use whatever methods possible to get rid of them. Some have chosen to use the cane toads as golf balls or target shooting.

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