Monday, May 28, 2012

the barefooted Pastor's wife

I didn't start out barefooted.  Honestly.
This morning at 9am when I ran across the yard and jumped in the bus my toes were properly covered with stockin's and {my highest} heels.  But in my line of work you never know how things will go.
Awesome day at Church!  We had 50 in the service.  Awesome.

We were approached several weeks ago by a faithful couple in our church about having a formal service and dedicating their son to the Lord before the whole Church family.

A lot of planning and thought went into this special day.

It is special to Josh and I that this couple wanted to raise their son up in the admonition and the nurture of God.  We didn't tell them, "You HAVE to do this or that."  This came from hearts sincerely wanting to please the Lord.  Josh preached a wonderful sermon and then after the invitation time Farouck and Jannice brought Baby Tariq forward and stood before the Church.  Josh preached another short sermon about the meaning of Baby Dedication.  It is not meant to "save" the baby, but it is meant to make a promise before God and your Church that you will raise the baby in a manner pleasing to God.  

So this morning Tariq Adhik-Joshua Reid was formally dedicated to God by his parents, his Pastor and his whole Church family.

Each family brought food and juice and we had a wonderful meal after the service....complete with jerk chicken cooked outside on the coals.

(Princess Moriah turned 8 this week)

By about 3pm my feet were screaming at me.  My heels had ran around preparing the Church room, jumped around singing Sunday School action songs, chased Princess Brynlee and several other little short people, and made about a billion circles through the small room making sure everyone had food and drink.

Than my ladies and I began the huge job of cleaning up and turning our Church room back into a school room.  With the men and children outside I {may or may not} have snuck behind the door and tugged off the hose and heels.  Sweet freedom.  My toes said "thank you" when they wiggled on the cold concrete floor.  Now I could get business done.

"We are together again, Just praising the Lord." (Jamaican Chorus)


Be Thou Exalted said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I can't believe you where nylons! They were the first thing to go when we got to Australia!

~@ngel~ said...

Love your posts & we have finally had some gorgeous days(up in the 70's) & the first thing I did was hide the tights & found my flip flops :). Have gone barefooted several days now!!!! Oh, loving it & feels a little like being back in Ga!!!!
Love ya sweet friend

♥ Amy said...

Look at that chubby, healthy baby boy! To think that we were just praying for him a few months ago. God is good, isn't He? So exciting to see that his parents are dedicating him to the Lord. (His middle name is special, too.)

And 50 people in church! Hooray! It's wonderful to see God blessing you and your hard work. I get excited for you and Josh each time you post about your ministry.

And I just had to say that Moriah's face in that picture especially is a little miniature of you! :)

Have a lovely Memorial Day.
Love, Amy

Lissa said...

Everything about this post made me tear up!! :o)

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