Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Sale

God bless our troops and the sacrifices made.
We're running a Memorial Day sale in the Marketplace!

Step out of the bright Jamaican sunshine and peek at my treasures!
Above your head is an old stretched blue tarp with a few holes in it.
Under your sandaled feet is lots of timeless dirt worn flat and smooth.
At your elbows are lots of brightly clothed people, busy about their daily work, and eager to return your smile.

Jamaican Blue Waters Starfish Bracelet - Bright Blue Beaded Bracelet - 8 inch Blue Beaded Bracelet

Jamaican Rain Forest Green Bracelet - Green and Gold Beaded Bracelet - Rich Green Shell 9 inch Bracelet

Jamaican Pink Shell Necklace Earrings Set - Soft Pink Shell Beaded Necklace - 16 inch Flat Shell Necklace Set - Earrings Included

Jamaican Starfish Bracelet - Beaded Turquoise Sea Blue and Brown Beaded Bracelet - 8 1/2 inch beaded Bracelet

Jamaican Iridescent Purple Dangle Shell Earrings - 2 1/2 inch Dangle Earrings - Mother of Pearl
20% off your entire order when you put in code
coupon code: AMERICA

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