Thursday, May 24, 2012

50 chores for little ones

"Mom, you're so lucky.  You get to play in all the bubbles."  Alexis Nicole, 6
Keeping a house tidy is a big {full time} job.  The larger the family the harder it my opinion.  I started my girls early helping out around the house.  Here is a list I jotted down of simple practical chores I have my girls do.

(15 months)
clean things with a damp rag (high chair, walls, baseboards)
throws things in the trash can
waters flowers
carrying simple items to family members  (phone to daddy, shirt to sister, etc...)
fetches her shoes when we're leaving and puts them away when we get home

(3-4 years)
fold washcloths
sort and put away clean silverware
carrying clothes to wash room
setting the table (unbreakable dishes)
dusting book shelves with non-breakable items (the feather duster is so cool)
watering garden and flowers
cracking eggs
stirring cookie dough
picking out matching clothes
straighten couch pillows
make own bed
wiping table after meal
clean sink after they brush their teeth
put away folded laundry

(5-6 years)
making koolaid
matching clean socks
hanging clothes on outside line
assist in sorting clothes for washing machine
straightening up bed in the morning (arranging baby dolls and pillow)
washing windows
drying dishes
clean trash out of vehicle
clean mirrors
clearing the table
sweeping porch and steps
pulling weeds
taking sheets off beds to wash
fixing own breakfast cereal
cleaning out trash in vehicle
straightening table cloth and chairs after meals
feed and water pet

(7+ years)
sweeping and throwing dust away
brushing and fixing their own hair
hang out laundry
remove sheets and pillowcases to wash
putting away groceries
measuring flour, sugar, and miscellaneous ingredients
making beds well
sort dark and light laundry
watching smaller children in the yard
hanging dresses and shirts on hangers
making lunch sandwiches and pouring drinks
sew on buttons
hanging items in closets
helping prepare own lunch sandwiches


Unknown said...

I loved this post! Great list of chores. Thanks for sharing!

Andie Jaye said...

very good list and an excellent point of reference. pinning it :)

Seaweed and Raine said...

Great list of chores. Amongst other things, I have my 4 year old unpack the dishwasher and put the contents away. He likes it (partly because we give him a smiley stamp to remind him that he has done a great job).

Juf said...

I'm a first grade teacher, and I think it's SO important for kids to have this kind of responsibility at home!

Jenna said...

Great list--thanks for the good ideas!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

such a great list!


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