Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Princess Brynlee (my Jamaican baby) likes Papaya.
Dried papaya is her favorite way to eat it.
It is sweeter than fresh off the tree.
This one is really huge.

The other girls don't care for it ...ok.....I'll admit.
I have to force the other girls to eat a bite.
And than stand over them to make sure they actually swallow it.
Yep, I'm that kind of a mom.
And honestly it does smell {a lot} like my marigold plants.
  BUT it is super healthy.
Jamaicans call it King Of The Fruit.
A lady in the valley gave us 2 off her tree on Sunday.
life on the Island,


Pat said...

Sweet pictures, I have always wondered what it really tasted like.

Lissa said...

I don't think I've ever had fresh papaya. I keep the chewable papaya pills in my purse though...quick fix for an upset tummy. :o)

Rebekah said...

I've heard that many dry the seeds and use it in their grinder as a substitute for black pepper.

Unknown said...

I don't really like papayas...neither does my son, but I eat it and make him eat some too :)

Mr & Mrs John said...

Maria, do you all have anything they call a "red" papaya? We have tons of papaya here, but none of us care for the yellow one (like the one pictured...too sweet and mush!). But, they also have one they eat here that they call a red papaya. It is a lot firmer and has a much better taste! As for the papaya pepper, it is very good and very good for you!

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