Saturday, May 19, 2012

To My Future Teenagers

To my future teenagers,

I've enjoyed you so much, and loved each stage of your lives.  It saddens me to remember those sweet newborn hours.  How I loved snuggling with you and your fresh new scent.  Daddy and I love watching you learn new things and discover.  As you learned to talk and communicate we felt such pride in how smart you were.  Now you spend your carefree days playing house or tea party, dressing your baby dolls and building castles out of chairs.  Childhood can be such a happy time.

I, personally, don't consider myself a girly-girlly.  I truly favor feminine things but my tastes are more simple or vintage.  I enjoy clothes shopping or browsing especially with someone to discuss the clothes with.  Since I was a little girl I have always enjoyed getting dressed for Church on Sunday.  That was my time to wear my best and it was fun to chose my outfit and accessories.  I've noticed you're the same way.  Many times you come to me and tell me which dress you'd like to wear to Church.  You like to lay it out ahead of time with your shoes and hose...and hair do-dad.   It thrills me when you ask if we can match.  You are so happy and proud when mommy wears the same color and we are "twins".  This is fun and something I'll remember when you're a teenager.

Speaking of teenagers, I often sit and dream of what kind of young ladies I hope you become.  Love of clothes and fashions are strong in this world, especially to a pretty young woman.  

Here are some thoughts on modesty that I believe:
1. More skin doesn't mean more attractive.
2. More skin will get you lots of attention from the fellas, but that is the wrong kind of attention.  Just trust Mama, you don't want that!
3. Don't sell yourself short.
4. Most of the time, people assume who you are with how you are dressed.  If you are a nice, decent young lady, why would you make your life harder by wearing something that makes you look less than who you really are?
5. Treat yourself with respect.  Dress accordingly.
6. There are many ways to be modest and at the same time accomplish a modern, cute, and stylish look.
7. If in doubt...don't wear it.  

My precious girls, I love you so much, and I know there's going to be times in those teenage years that we don't see eye-to-eye on clothes.  I do want you to be happy, but I want to raise you to honor the Lord who gave you to me.  I truly don't wish you to look out-dated or frumpy.  If you don't trust my opinion then we'll call and ask one of your aunts.  They love you too, but I have a feeling they will back mommy 100%.

The thought about writing to your daughters on modesty is from another blog I follow.  I contacted her and she graciously consented to me using her idea.  Thank you.

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The Kim Six Fix said...

Beautiful post. Couldn't agree more. I saw something the other day on Pinterest that said "Cinderella didn't need to take of her dress to get prince charming and neither do you"

More girls need to remember that. Modesty and Self-Esteem go hand in hand!

Carrie said...

As a mother of teenage boys, I applaud you and your desire to train your girls to be modest. I know that the struggle teenage boys have stems from the heart but it is made even more difficult by the scantily clothed culture we live in. Thank you for seeking and encouraging integrity!

Andie Jaye said...

it's so hard when they get older. my pip is 16 and it's hard to find any shorts that are fit right and are modest. having a little boy isn't easy either, with his seeing the current clothing styles and the skin they bring along with them.

going to share this with my daughter.

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