Wednesday, June 13, 2012

it's easier

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We were visiting an orphanage today
a little 4 year old boy came up and hugged my leg.
His beautiful dark eyes broke my heart and warmed it all in the same moment.

It's easier... not to care about someone when you haven't looked into their eyes.
It's easier... to believe there's no need when you haven't heard their name or story.
It's easier to just keep on living your own life before....

Dear Lord, thank you.

count your blessings
#211 a husband who can fix everything
#212 salty sea breeze
#213 child like faith


♥ Amy said...

Powerful quote with such a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.
I loved your pictures of little Brynlee yesterday. Adorable!

Tinyla said...

Wow Maria! That is SO true. Thanks for sharing. - Tinyla

Lissa said...

Such truth! This immediately made me tear up! Thank you for sharing!

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