Tuesday, June 12, 2012

there appears to be...

that's funny
there appears to be something in my flower water?
wonder what it could be?
no one around here likes to play in the water?
oh, that's who it was!
I'm so surprised. {dry voice}

count your blessings
#208 cold, clear water
#209 that feeling when you feel refreshed
#210 duct tape


MrsJohn said...

Maria, this one cracked me up! I've got pictures of my girls in the same exact buckets :) Except mine don't have the duct tape in the same spot {haha}! Have a great day :)

Juf said...

Those pics are too cute!

Lissa said...

Love the pigtails! Brynlee is getting so big. She is losing her "baby" look, mama! ;)

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