Monday, June 18, 2012

T' Time {#81}...and Link Party

Take the time to Challenge #81 is a guest post from my best friend from college, Tinyla!  
She's been here before and I love sharing her thoughts and ideas with you.  
Tinyla has two little princesses that I hope to someday meet {and squeeze}.

Now, doesn't this face just say, "Hold me, Auntie Maria?"

Here's Tinyla's T' Time Challenge...
     "Listen to them at play! 

I have learned SO much from listening to my girls play. I have learned a lot about them as well as myself. Listening to what they cook, how they cook, and how they (mainly Aaliyah) talk to each other, and how and why they punish their babies has helped me to know how to better train them to be the best they can be. I have learned how to speak to them so they can understand me better. I have learned how to better pray for them. I have also had some great moments of just flat out fun! Face it, when you have little children; your life is blessed with little comedians!" 
-Tinyla from My Life At Home Blog

Let Me Say, Ladies.....
You outdid yourselves this week.  
I had so much fun looking through the ideas.  
Loved them.  Thank you for participating!

The Cascading Ruffle Skirt from Wee Share

Fruity Creamsicles from {One of My Favorite Blogs!} Mrs. JohninGhana

Blueberry Crumb Bars from Semi Homemade Mom

Pinterest Inspired Fancy Envelopes by Creative Passage


marissa said...

love the idea of learning from kids play it's so true you can definitely see how they view the world and what they value. Great to have you and thanks maria for hosting


Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting!

Heidi B said...

Just saw Tinyla and the girls yesterday at Triple S! They are ADORABLE!

Heidi B said...

Just saw Tinyla and the girls yesterday at Triple S! They are ADORABLE!

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