Thursday, July 5, 2012

unusual few hours

no fun not feeling good.
the last few days we've been sharing a sickness back and forth.
Eden had it the worst last night so she and Mommy spent the whole night on the couch.
sharing a blanket and a fan.

there was an unusual strong {stormy} breeze blowing this afternoon
 I took the opportunity to snuggle my lil' Brynlee.
it was just cool enough to be comfortable for her wrapped up in her blankie.
(the same blankie that was mine as a little girl)

unusual few hours.
the relief from the constant intense heat was so wonderful.
thank You, Lord.

count your blessings
#225 a rare cooling storm
#226 soft comfortable blankets
#227 brown eyed girls


Luba said...

Thank you for the post, Mrs. Wesley! I am praying that you all feel better and am glad the Lord gave you some relief from the heat.

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

hope everyone is better soon ... & love your pic of the fancy shoes on the beach!

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