Sunday, July 8, 2012

Romans Road Sunday School Lessons

"I love to tell the story... of Jesus and His love."

This is how I taught the Romans Road to Heaven
 This is a Sunday School lesson I did several months ago.  Actually I spread it out over several weeks.
Each Sunday I carried my board to church (that's why it looks so rough).  After our opening songs and offering we would
"go on a trip."
I talk them through it we act it out together
(have everyone pretend to sleep)  someone is picked each week to yell "wake up!!!"
stretch your arms and rub your eyes
brush your teeth (I always accuse someone of spitting their bubbles on me)
wash your face (splash each other a little)
get dressed (we always act silly and close our eyes during this one.  It gets lots of giggles)
buckle or tie your shoes and put on hat
rub on the suntan lotion (you can a pretend bottle and squirt it in their hands)
start walking
ask they what they are seeing as they walk (their answers get more interesting and sillier each week)
(vary/repeat the next things)
climb mountains
swim through rivers
jump over holes
around big stones
through the spooky trees
slide down the cliff

arrive at the destination and every sits down to rest
 Each week we "walked" to a new road sign.
Week #1 (pointer finger) memory verse Romans 3:23
emphasized point - YOU are all sinners

Week #2 review (add tall finger) memory verse Romans 6:23 
emphasized point - You deserve hell

Week #3 review (add ring finger) memory verse Romans 5:8
emphasized point - God made a way

Week #4 review (add pinkie finger) memory verse Romans 10:9
emphasized point - YOU have to say sorry

Week #5 review (add thumb) memory verse Romans 12:1-2
emphasized point - YOU need a changed life

 Our special songs for these lessons were "Stop and Let Me Tell You What the Lord Has Done For Me" and the "Wordless Book" made out of felt sown together
Each new memory verse was printed off and in a clear sheet protector in order.  The reverse paper is the emphasized point from the week before.  I love 3 ring folders for organizing and keeping together my lessons.


Jessi said...

Great idea for teaching children about Salvation.

Rebecca W. said...

Cute idea for teaching the kids!

imklvr said...

How fun! Bet the kids loved it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again....every kid in the world needs a mom (and Sunday School teacher) like you! May God continue to bless you richly.

Lissa said...

Such a great idea!

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