Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Emancipation Day

Let me paint a picture for you.....  
Night had fallen across the Island of Jamaica.  The year was July 31, 1838.  Queen Victoria sat on the throne of England.  Jamaica was under British rule and the Queen had sent out a royal declaration stating that as of midnight August 1, 1838 all slaves in her kingdom and lands under her reign were free people. 
Many crouched together in anticipation.  Their last night as another man's slave.  Wanting to experience it from the first second, thousands of slaves gathered in town centers and held special church meetings.  Many listen silently with tears as the Emancipation Proclamation is read loudly and strongly in the night air.
Many former slaves climbed mountain tops and treetops to catch that first glimpse of morning sunshine....symbolizing their new beginning.

Happy Emancipation Day, Jamaica!

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alysia3409 said...

Wow! Thanks for posting! I love getting to experience the mission work through your blog. I love how you have made it your home.

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