Sunday, August 5, 2012

might be the tinkle of a single tambourine

our church room might not seat 4,000
the floors might be unpainted concrete not plush carpet
instead of stain glass and fancy curtains we might have just holes in the wall
the elegant array of flowers might be just a few simple buds humbly placed there by loving hands
pews of sturdy mahogany with squishy seats might be just antique {shaky} folding chairs
majestic grand piano chords might be just the tinkle of a single tambourine
the Pastor's pulpit might be just a simple wooden stand perched on a school desk
invitation is given to come to the altar which might be just a space designated at the front of the room 

...but when Men gather around the altar to pray
                                 God's presence is felt
(a {precious} picture taken after church this morning)
thank you, Lord, for another Sunday at Valley Baptist Church
count your blessings
#237 mothers and fathers who love their children
#238 Sunday School songs
#239 heartfelt Scripture reading

1 comment:

alysia3409 said...

Oh what a beautiful family! I'm thankful God blessed you all with such a good family in your church and all the others that make it up. Did you have to learn another language or do they speak English?

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