Saturday, June 15, 2013

hatching seeds

Prince bought the girls and me some potting soil and we had fun getting dirty and planting different flower seeds we brought with us.  Each pot is gonna be like a surprise cause they (the seeds) all got mixed up several times with all the little helping fingers! And if any of them survive at all it will be close to a miracle as many times as they (the seeds) get watered and knocked over.

As we were planting them Alexis asked, "How long until they hatch?"

Ok.  The word hatch kinda gives me the willies.  Literally.  The shiver-y willies.  It usually goes with some creepy crawly bug that has made it's appearance in my home.

I can take a spider any old day.  I can handle the long as they don't surprise me!  But bugs....I hate (that is the no-no word) bugs....they drive me crazy!  While settling back into my home I have discovered many areas of my kitchen that the little rascals have tried to invade.  I have killed more bugs in the last few days than hit my windshield while driving through Louisiana....and that's sayin' something!

I love my flowers and enjoy watching them and taking care of them.  Just the same as my kiddos!  I enjoy watching them and taking care of them too!

While I was trying to set some rose bush clippings I turn around and find this..... streaker in my watering bucket.  Not a stitch on.  She didn't want to get her clothes wet apparently.
never a dull moment,

1 comment:

Jen said...

Ahahah too funny. Love the "how long till they hatch?" comment.

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