Monday, June 17, 2013

take my picture?

"Stop! Me take you picture, mom!"
(Princess Brynlee Erin, 2)
I heard the words and turned to see these tanned little chubby fingers.  They were holding the toy camera.  My little ones love me and think I'm worthy of a picture even when I have an {extreme} messy bun, no make up, a sweaty house dress on, and my arms full of laundry.  How forgiving they are.  

You know.....I wasn't ready to have my picture taken.  My outward appearance needed some attention. But how about my inward appearance.  My little ones are with me 24/7.  They see the good... the bad....the times I'd rather forget how I behaved myself.  How do I behave myself when those teensy little crisis happen in daily life?

Humm.  If someone were to take a picture of you right now would it be pretty?  Make sure the inside is pretty, too.

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Treasures from a shoebox said...

Yesterday when I read this, I thought, "What a sweet post," not realizing how the Lord was going to use these thoughts in my life.

It seemed one irritation after another happened in rapid succession after reading this: a new expensive cookbook was ruined; a spoon got caught in my expensive juicer; I discovered that I'd lost my debit card--while at the checkout; we found out the windshield wiper motor had gone out--during a downpour; then we received the call that my elderly mother had been taken to the hospital with internal bleeding. All this while we are preparing for a huge grad party at our house this Saturday and the arrival of out-of-town friends (a family of 13) who will be staying at our small house for 8 days.

Your wise admonition here kept coming back as I had to CHOOSE my response to each "crisis" as it came. Thank you for this timely little post!

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