Sunday, June 30, 2013

her first birthday candles

15 used birthday candles.......

We take so much for granted.  We've been blessed.  

One of my greatest joys, as a missionary wife, is the things I get to do for the people in our church.  I've been able to make many birthday cakes and celebration cakes.  It is so much fun.  They always make me feel like it's the prettiest and best thing they've ever tasted!  They are too good to me!  
Today, we had a 5th Sunday fellowship meal.  One of our teens also turned 15 on Friday.  That's a big deal.  I made her a birthday cake complete with a fondant teddy bear in the center.  She loved it!  
One of our ladies carried 15 little colored candles to put on the cake.  

With the wind blowing through the windows it took a while to get them all lit at the same time.  The whole church sang a loud "Happy Birthday".  Tina blushed from the attention but was so happy.  After church she told me this was the first time she's had candles on her birthday cake.  

She took all 15 of the soft wax, used up candles, carefully wrapped them in a napkin and carried home to keep as a memory. 

It's the simple things,


Jen said...

What a special memory she will always have.

Sistergirl said...

Oh that was so nice, its a memory she will always treasure and share with others.

We have to let kids know that we care that they are here, they hear too many negative things in their life. A birthday celebration reminds you and everyone that you are special.

Many people in the island come from a Jehovah Witness background especially in the mountain areas so they weren't allowed to celebrate many things.
May God continue to bless your mission.

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