Friday, October 11, 2013

the loudest sermon

Sometimes reaching out to those around you is more than just reciting a practiced sermon.
Sometimes the greatest sermons are those taught when you're a little sweaty, and little dirty.
Sometimes you are the most real to those around you when you are out of your comfort zone.
Sometimes it takes knocking them off guard to get their attention.

I'm so very thankful that my husband shows his love and desire to obey God's call in his life.  When Sunday came there had been no running water in Spot Valley for almost a week.  A few days of no water is common and everyone keeps a supply of 2 liter jugs, barrels, or anything that will hold extra.  It's hard to realize how much you rely on that cold stream of water running thorough the pipes when you need to wash your supper dishes, or take a shower to rinse away the dirt and sweat from the day.  Without water it's hard to carry out your daily tasks or prepare for tomorrow.

Sunday in Spot Valley rolled, sunny, and dry pipes.  The faithful members of our church gathered few in numbers.  Pastor called the afternoon service off and instead had another plan.  Another need.
 He went home and filled a large barrel with water and any empty jugs and carried it back to Spot Valley.  Along with our daughters they distributed water to those in need.
Imagine the realization on someones face when they see the white Pastor pull along side their home.  This man who visits them every Saturday, or whom they've seen faithfully walking the roads in the Valley handing out tracks.  This man has SAID God loves you and He's sent me here to tell you about that love.  But today this white man SHOWED God's love.  
The loudest sermon was preached today not from behind a pulpit.


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Thank you for sharing this post. It made me think about my testimony. Do I really show that I care?

imklvr said...

Wow. This is powerful. Thanks so much for sharing....AND caring! Dona

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