Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valley Baptist Church 4th anniversary!

January marked the 4 year anniversary of our church in Spot Valley.  Wow, that is exciting to me.
Warning: there are a lot of pictures in this post!  God is so good.
  We were honored to have the national pastor of Heritage Independent Baptist Church (in Spanish Town, Jamaica) come and preach the service.  Heritage Church is our sponsor on the Island.  We worked there for 3 months when we first moved to Jamaica.

There was an amazing service with over 90 (something) people in attendance.  The members of Valley Baptist worked hard inviting their neighbors and friends to church.  There was an excitement in the air.

After the service we had a great big Thanksgiving meal.  One of the men in our church is a chef and he put many hours of hard work into preparing the jerked chicken and pork, rice and peas, and vegetables.  The members brought in fruit, vegetables, fresh fruit juices, and cakes.
Bro. Farouk Reid and son Tariq
All the food except the cakes were prepared on the grounds.  
The meat was cooked in these cookers
 and the rice and peas were prepared on the little fires.
Probably one of my most favorite pictures of the day.  
Tariq Ahdik Joshua Reid called me "Auntie" for the first time that day!  
My heart melted a little.
My ladies were so good to me.  I didn't lift a finger all day.  Without anyone asking they worked together and served all the plates out.  In Jamaica, you don't walk by and prepare your own plate like at a "carry in dinner" in America.  Here you are treated like a guest and your prepared plate and drink is carried to you.  The woman all worked so hard and took care of every detail so all I had to do was flutter around and visit with everyone and kiss all the babies!
Ok, so this might be another favorite from the day.  
Newborn Tiandra and her Great-Uncle
Ms. Avril is our older children Sunday School teacher
Ms. Marsha and Tristan have been faithful members of our church since the first Sunday.
Moriah and Atena
Tristan and Aaron
deep conversation
Corianne service fresh fruit drink with ginger
This man donated the pig that was jerked for the celebration meal.
Christina and baby daughter
Tati and Tristan
It is so sweet to see family attend church together.
  The lady in the hat is called "mommy" by everyone.
  These are her three daughters and grandson.
Sisters Corianne and Glorianne
Mr. and Mrs. Farouk Reid and son
John Truman playing the tambourine.
He has surprisingly good rhythm for a 13 m. old!
Ms. Shawna and her daughters
Mrs. Shelly and her children
Tiana is so very proud of her new sister.
Serving chicken foot soup.  
Cook fire
Bro. Rayson and the cooks did a wonderful job.
Mrs. Carlissia and her daughter Makayla
sweet family

A lot of sweat and tears have went into the last 4 years.  

This growing little church were the doors are open every week could not be possible without the love and support we receive from back home.  Also, there are many others that have been essential to Valley Baptist Church. Veteran missionaries Wesley and Evelyn Hutchens were there for us from the beginning.  They took us under their wing and taught us the ropes.  We worked side by side with them walking the roads in Spot Valley and starting the church.  When we had to come back to the States, to have our son, missionaries T.J. and Christa Kimmel filled in for us for 5 months and took wonderful care of Valley Baptist Church.  

Many times my husband and I have discussed how you can literally feel the prayers of those back home.  Times when we are in danger and the angels protect us.  Times when we have a need and it is met. Times when we are low and discouraged and motivation comes.  

We are very thankful for what God has done and is continuing to do in Spot Valley, Jamaica.

There is nothing special about us.  We just want to honor God and live elbow deep in the plan that He has for us today!
Prince Charming and Pastor Mason 
on the way to take Pastor Mason to the bus station the next day.


♥ Amy said...

So exciting! Loved this post, Maria. God is so good.

Carole said...

Exciting! God is so good! I love this see His work and His missionaries all around the world!!!

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