Thursday, January 23, 2014

wipe your hands pon your apron

You meet them and it marks you soul.  The wisdom comes from their lips and your way of thinking is changed for the better.

Older ladies love to give advice.  Most older ladies that is.  I respect that.  They have lived a lot longer and seen a lot more.

Recently we were having a get-together at of our church ladies.  It was great.  There were several coal pots gathered around on the concrete in from of my house and they had a huge assortment of large covered pots.  Spicy inviting smells floated throughout the air.  We…I mean, they…were cooking and I was buzzing around visiting and trying not to get in their way.  They chattered along like my laying hens.  Somewhere along the line the conversation turned to children.  "children have to much today" "children don't enough natural food"  "children don't spend enough time outside"  One of my dear friends (who is a Grandma several times over) stopped stirring her pot of soup.  She pointed her wooden spoon right at me.

She said when she was a young mother someone told her.  "Your children will grow up very fass.  When yuh are washing your cooking pot an they cum an aks yuh to play toys wid dem, wipe your hands pon your apron an play wid dem."  "hear wah mi' seh?" (do you hear what I'm saying?)

Since that day, her wise admonition has come back to me several times.  I can see her eyes as she tried to make me understand and I see her motions as she acted out wiping her hands on her apron.  "dey grow up very fass"
two of my little blessings, proudly displaying their missing front teeth

In writing this article I had to stop several times and focus on the little {BIG}  needs of my children.  One needed her hair fixed, one needed her dolly found, one just needed a few minutes snuggle.  I feel accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being nominated for best non-Catholic blog for the Sheenazing Awards! You've got my vote! Love your blog and keeping up with all of your adventures.

Shelly said...

I pray for you, Maria,as you endeavor to "wipe your hands pon your apron an play wid dem.". With five little ones and all that entails, I know it has to be a challenge to do that at times. Blessings and hugs!

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