Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I choose motherhood

I choose lullabies in a rocking chair 
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches smeared on the wall
I choose worry wrinkles and laugh lines
sticky fingers and grass stains
I choose fairytales and dress up clothes
picnic blankets and dirt
I choose sprinkles and hotdogs
tears of worry and hugs of forgiveness
I choose ABC's and broken crayons
a handful of weeds and butterfly nets
Princess Alexis (8) and John Truman (15 m.)
I choose motherhood,


Rachel said...

Love this post!!!

♥ Amy said...

Love it! I made the same choice and I've never regretted it!
Cute babies you've got there. :)

Jolene Sloan said...

There is so much we "give up" to choose motherhood - fancy homes, a chunky paycheck, expensive wardrobes, etc.... but motherhood is, by far, the best choice!!! Beautiful post, Maria!

Merry C. said...

Amen! I feel the same way! I'd much rather be in a roomful of babies than have an office job somewhere. I am so blessed to be a child care provider in my home and love up on these sweet little souls everyday! It may not look like much to others but I find it to be so rewarding. Merry from , eachlittlebird.blogspot.com

Tinyla said...

That is beautiful Maria, You should get it published!!! Vision Forum or Above Rubies may put it in their magazines.

Love you girl! Tried to call, will try again another time.


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