Sunday, May 25, 2014

someone's gonna find a spider

our church is blessed to have many children.  For some reason we are filled with rough, loud, ornery little boys right now.

there is not a Sunday School class time that I do not have to separate them.
there is not a Sunday School class time when I don't have to raise my eyebrows at them.
Each time I see their shining little faces jump off the church bus I know…
someone's gonna need discipline.
someone's gonna need corrected for something.
someone's gonna poke and tease the girls.
someone's gonna find a spider.

but when the altar time is called
           and 7 little boys gather around Pastor to pray with him…
        you wonder if maybe they're gonna turn out all right.

Thank you, Lord.

note: if you attend Valley Baptist Church and wonder about this post.  I actually wrote it when it happened several months ago and never posted it.


Lou Ann Keiser said...

Terrific! Love those happy, ornery little faces! Some really sweet hearts come inside rascally little boys. Thank you for ministering to them.

Anonymous said...

Adorable. :)


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