Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bracelets dirt cheap

remember these ladies?
 These are a few of the lovely ladies of Valley Baptist Church in Spot Valley, Jamaica.  Since starting the church in 2010 our numbers have grown and we have been looking for land to build a church house for over a year.  Sometimes I get discouraged but our wonderful members have the faith the land is there and God is gonna give it to us!  Have I mentioned how awesome they are?  I may be the Pastor's wife but so often they encourage and convict me.

These ladies have gave of their time
 to handcraft beautiful bracelets.  
Each one is unique
 just like the woman who made it
& just as beautiful.
  Each bracelet is sold to raise money for a church building. 
 Now until Sunday they are on sale at a discount price.  Can you say dirt cheap?   

Regularly $15!  Hurry
So many many of you have purchased things my ladies have made.  (Mango Marketplace typically sales pieces they make and the money all goes back to them to help them support their families.)  Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

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