Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mon, it's Mango Season

Yippee, we really enjoy mango season.
  2 of our neighbors have trees
 and every day now they are knocking on my gate with a rock to get my attention.
  When I look out,
 there they are with a giant smile and an even "gianter"  bowl of mangoes!
  I love it.  

I enjoy the beauty of the peachy orange fruit
 but even more I love the joy I see on their faces when they see me enjoying their gift.
"I'm not sure about this thing." John Truman, 1 yr
"Let me taste yours, sis"
"Yep, I like it."
Eden Grace, 6
My freezer is now loaded with frozen mango puree perfect for a yummy healthy smoothie.

1 comment:

Liberty Karle said...

Miss you guys! Been so long since I've see you and your family! You're such a blessing, and I love getting to see all the pictures.

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