Thursday, July 31, 2014

spillin' the beans

Last month, when we went back to the States we stayed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   The kids and I were with Papa Tot and Memaw (Prince Charming's parents).  Next door lives John Truman's, 1, favorite person.  Great-Grandma Dorlis.  Over the five weeks we stayed there she was his favorite playmate.  Nearly every morning he woke up and his first thought was to take Maw Maw her paper.
 He wanted to stay with her many mornings and afternoons.
She spoiled him but he loved it.
John was carrying the bucket for Maw Maw as she was picking peas.
 She was showing them how to open the peas.
  John kept tasting the peas and then spitting them out on the ground.
Today, I received an email with this picture.
  John's peas had taken root and grown under Maw Maw's swing.
  Sweet reminder of those special weeks.


Johnnie gale pace said...

These pictures remind me of the times spent with my granny I remember shelling peas with her and working in the garden I thank god for the memories but I sure do miss my granny!!!

Anonymous said...

What sweet blessings for all. Adorable pictures.


Shelly said...

So precious. I love the picture of maw maws older hands with the kids little hands.

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