Saturday, October 4, 2014

creepy crawly catcher club

creepy crawly catcher club
 membership rules
#1 rule don't scream when you see a bug
#2 rule catch lizards fast
#3 rule things that creep are friends
(wrote by Alexis, 8)
lizards, snails, crickets, frogs......
 run if you want to ...
run if you will ...
but the wesley kids will still find you! 

 My kids are down to earth.  Yep, so down to earth that they are enamored by any tiny little critter.  They are passionate about watching for any hurt or lonely butterfly, spider, or lizard.  They have a hospital of jars set up so they can observe their patients.  The girls make soft beds for them out of old fabric or leaves.  They dip cotton balls or q-tips in water for them to drink.
 Always a clown in the group.
disclaimer: we practice a strict catch and release program.  No critters were harmed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So adorable pics of your kids. I wonder if the Lizards are like their Hawaii relatives the Gecko and eat the cockroaches? Great to see you posting again

God bless


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